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Time For Our Annual Retail Outlook Survey

Holidays and hiring! Share your outlook with MnRA.

Time For Our Annual Retail Outlook Survey

Last year 100 retailers across Minnesota gave MnRA a good look at what they expected over the holiday season and into the new year. That perspective helped MnRA tell the story of retail to the media and legislature.

As we prepare this year’s Retail Outlook Survey results for presentation at our Thursday, October 13 Annual Meeting, could you please take a moment and take our brief survey?

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Retail Bicycle Shops Urged To Be Vigilant Following Recent Thefts In The Twin Cities

Crime Alert For Bike Shop Owners

Retail Bicycle Shops Urged To Be Vigilant Following Recent Thefts In The Twin Cities

July 11, 2016 Update:

MnRA has learned that approximately three weeks prior to the latest holiday weekend thefts, a metro-located bike retailer fell victim to a bicycle theft from what appears to be the same male assailant in each theft (based upon security camera footage).

Original Post:

A $20,000 rash of thefts from bicycle retailers over the past few weeks has the Minnesota Retailers Association urging shop owners and employees to be on alert and in communication with local law enforcement in the event of suspicious activity.

Similar thefts from bicycle stores in Wayzata, Hopkins and Champlin as recent as this past weekend have law enforcement in multiple communities conducting investigations. Those individual thefts have ranged from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000 as reported by KARE-11 news. Typically thefts have occurred early in the morning before the store opens with accessed gained through a rear store door. In some cases thieves have disabled internal security cameras, indicating they have likely visited the store in advance to plan the theft.

“As usual, vigilant and attentive employees are the first line of defense against these types of crimes. And of course, a security alarm and camera system recording high quality images that can be used by law enforcement are vital to connecting the dots between these crimes and identifying the criminals,” said Minnesota Retailers Association President Bruce Nustad. “It’s hard to see stores that work so hard to serve our communities victimized like this. Fortunately, local law enforcement has responded quickly to these crimes and thanks to a strong partnership among law enforcement and with retailers through the Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association, information is being shared quickly to try to shut down these crimes before more neighborhood retailers are victimized.”

The Minnesota Retailers Association recommends the following action steps for bicycle shop owners in light of recent thefts:

__ Talk to employees about the thefts and encourage them to be extra vigilant.
__ Report thefts or suspicious activity to local law enforcement immediately.
__ Encourage law enforcement to share real-time crime information via the Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association (
__ Check for up-to-date info on this specific ring of thefts.

Retail in Minnesota: Where 'Minnesota Nice' Meets the Land of 10,000 Lakes

NRF's Retail Across America series tells the Minnesota story; Win a $50 giftcard

Watch all 5 videos, post what you love about retail in Minnesota with #loveMNretail and be eligible to win a $50 gift card! See the end of this article for details.

Mention Minnesota to anyone and they will likely think about our beautiful lakes, our vibrant retail scene - from quaint downtown stores to the iconic Mall of America - and the idea that everyone you meet is "Minnesota Nice." Each of those are actually accurate when it comes to Minnesota, but there is so much more.

Minnesota is proud to have recently hosted NRF's Retail Across America road trip as we traveled the state to show off the innovative and unique nature of retail.

From Red Wing to Duluth, we visited some of the nation's most recognized brands - like Best Buy, Target, Duluth Pack and Mall of America - and some of our beloved local favorites including the Uffda Shop, Grand Jete dance store, Tin Whiskers Brewing Company and 36Lyn refuel station. And we made a few stops at regional retailers like playful Creative Kidstuff and small-town stalwart Thrifty White Pharmacy. Minnesota truly has as many retail innovators as we do lakes!

At each stop, the NRF crew got a good taste of Minnesota Nice. While we take a little ribbing for the term, Minnesota Nice is really core to how retailers in Minnesota treat customers and interact in their communities. You see it in community support, how employers and employees work together to solve problems and in the way we create experiences for customers.

Minnesota's diverse retail community supports one in five jobs across the state - an opportunity to impact more than 780,000 people in each and every city. That's 70,000 retailers coming together to add $46 billion to the economy.

A special thank you to our friends at the National Retail Federation for their investment in this video series. We loved showing you Minnesota!

Video 1: Retail In Minnesota Is Connected!

Video 2: It's True, There Really I A Minnesota Nice

Video 3: Small Businesses: More Than A Place To Shop

Video 4: Handcrafted And Only In Minnesota

Video 5: Minnesota Innovation: Retail Tech In Real Time

Want to be eligible to win a $50 gift card?

Watch the five videos then share your favorite moments or stories about retailers you love in Minnesota on social media with the hashtag #loveMNretail to be placed our drawing for a $50 gift card giveaway! Gift card giveaway cut-off March 4 at noon. Must use #loveMNretail to be entered in to the drawing. Gift card can be from any Minnesota Retailers Associationon member--winners choice! Family and friends eligible. 


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